Monday, October 7, 2013

Kruger Canoes Fall Classic 2013 - Wisconsin River Day 2

Scene 2 Act 1 / The Shuttle

Like worker Bees, things were a buzz; the smell of fresh coffee and the lure of breakfast at Café on the Park was enough to get everybody up and moving.  Note to self: Sit at the ole salts table, they like to buy.

Breakfast complete, boats loaded and gear stored. Our shuttle arrived ahead of schedule but had to return to add seats to the carriage to accommodate the shuttle back to landing. We were off, the shuttle went smooth as silk; we crisscrossed the river as we made our way down to Bridgeport to drop vehicles; everyone excited to get a peek at water levels.  Arriving back at the put-in we loaded the rest of the canoes and we were off.

I had planned for a late afternoon departure with the shuttle an all; figured on doing 8-10 miles to get us down river; we stayed river left and went past the nudist beach; scared for life, images seared into our psyche, we need to make camp quickly before people got physically ill; let me tell ya, it ain't Southern California with continuous sun and bronzed beauties.  We made camp quickly and had a couple of cocktails to settle our stomachs.

Normally this island has an abundance of wood; late in the day with stomachs woozy wood was scarce.  I made a pitiful fire and took some ribbing for it; in the end it was just enough as peeps settled in quickly to their tents.

to be continued.

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