Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kruger Canoes Fall Classic - Wisconsin River 2013

Photos by Sir Michael
Over the next several days I will try to put into words the fun we had on the Fall Classic; Now I've been known to take special liberties in my story telling truth be told; nothing like some additional salt in a salty tale to give it some favor; so savor it like you would a good box wine. Enjoy!

Things got a little hazy for me towards the end of the trip, but it is my understanding there is some "loose" change up in Prairie du Chien; anybody missing a "penny"? 

The trip was a learning experience too; I learned how to tell the difference between a Southern Gal and a Northern Girl - Important stuff out on the river you know, but I am getting a head of myself.

The Players:

Sir Everett
Sir Robert
Sir Bud
Squire Mike
Squire Michael
Squire Markus
Squire Toby
Duchess Sandra
The Jester Brian

Master Chariot Driver - MCD Rick (Lake Mills)
Master Chariot Driver - MCD Roger (Boscobel)
Birthday Girl / Princess Marissa

Scene 1 Act 1 / The Arrival

Toby was first to arrive followed by Sandy and Marissa; it was getting close to dinner time so we headed over to a great little restaurant "The Sand Bar"  nestled in on the south side of Rock Lake; it was Friday, so a Wisconsin fish fry was the meal of choice; being I'm a tad over fighting weight (like a stuffed Halibut) I opted for the salad bar. During our conversation, we made plans for a trip into Rutabaga a local paddling shop before the rest of the group would arrive. Nothing like a little shopping before a paddling trip to make things right in the world!

Our Rutabaga adventure went well we found everything we needed, I had a hand full of stuff but did the "needs and wants review"  of the items and put everything back "score" Brian 1 vs. Rutabaga 0; I did get Markus the stove he needed and some fuel, Toby bought a bucket, yes a bucket; Marissa bought some wool socks and Sandy bought a seat pad - we headed back to the castle as Robert, Bud, Michael and Mike were arriving shortly; camp was set and we settled in for some good stories and a few cocktails; Markus arrived shortly there after; Robert was on the phone coaching Everett to our location, when I got the call -  Rick and Bonnie invited us over for a cookout and the Wisconsin Ohio football game ( they have an elevated deck the size of a football field, a great place for a party); everyone was in, so we headed over with a stuffed cooler and a crock pot chocked full of venison barbeque (thanks Mike).  About an hour into the festivities Everett arrived; by 8pm we were a tad rambunctious, by 9pm close to out of control so we moved the party back to my house.  Thank goodness we're old and most of us got a dose of the sleepy's - so things mellowed and most went to bed, others well took it to a new level.

to be continued...

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