Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kruger Canoes Fall Classic 2013 - Wisconsin River Day 3

Scene 3 / Act 1 - River Time 
"start off slow and tapper off from there"

It was refreshing to see a bunch of hard-hitting adventurers slow it down and get on river time; I knew these Krugerheads had it in them!

So after a leisurely morning, we broke camp around 9:15am; the group was eager to hear what adventure I had planned for them today; the Nude Beach appeared to be a wake up call that anything may and will happen on this trip.  Simple standing orders - if we get separated hold at the first bridge you come across to re-group;  I added some flare and suggested the 3rd bridge which was difficult for the group to comprehend as there was math involved; but I sweetened the deal informing them that there was cold beer and outstanding burgers river right; I also said it was easy to miss this little hide away so stay close; which worked for about 11 secs as a sprint ensued with Michael, Mark and Sandy; off they went river right, the long way around; Toby, Bob, Bud, Everett, Mike and myself picked are way through the Sandbars and shallows.  Lots of eagles and fish jumping; weather was fantastic with a mild breeze and temps headed in the high 70's. We regrouped and paddled to the Wisconsin Riverside Resort.

It's a great stop as the food is great and they have a wonderful selection of micro brews (Spotted Cow); ice water and even a little camp store incase you needed something in a pinch.  Burgers the size of my head were consumed along with multiple pitchers of beer that seemed to be never ending.

Bob Toby Everett and Bud pushed off after a couple hours; the rest of us stayed on a bit as it was hard to leave such an inviting place. A bit of panic set in when I realized I may not be able to pry the rest of the group from the resort; there was talk of getting cabin and even camping right on their shore or to the island adjacent.  Hmm, I need to think this through, maybe over one more beer.

Not sure how it happened but I got the rest of the clan back in their boats; we paddled on down just past Lone Rock to find Bob, Bud, Everett, Toby river right; at first glance the site was marginal, but with the wind increasing it was the perfect spot as down river it opens up a bit and is not too sheltered.

With an abundance of wood, the pile grew to a staggering amount; great camp fire and stories of legend and lore emerged.

to be continued...

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