Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kruger Canoes Fall Classic 2013 - Wisconsin River Day 5

The Pig -  has to be experienced

Scene 5 / Act 1 - Boscobel - friendliest town on the river

It's ridiculous how nice the weather is; a perfect blend of sun wind and humidity. The clan shakes there head sharing the stories of two years ago when wind waves and cold were the standard; but it's the Captain's tour now; better to be lucky then good!!

What a great day to be on the river; we make our way down to Boscobel and decide to stop for water and necessities.  There are a couple of landings and we checkout both to see if we can catch a ride into town which is around 2 miles down the road.   A vehicle pulls in and we contemplate asking for a ride - Sandy steps up and makes introductions asking for a ride; Roger H. agrees eagerly thinking he's taking Sandy into town when a bunch of crusty ole sea crabs pile into his vehicle. Ha!

Roger ends up to be this great guy who used to work for the DNR doing river management; he shuttles us from store to store; Michael breaks into laughter when the first store we hit is a Piggly Wiggly grocery store; the second store is a liquor store gun shop that has to be experienced. Nothing like bullets and booze to make things right in the world.  I thought about it for awhile... I bet they don't get robbed much.

I had talked about an ice-cream stop daily on this trip and Everett was looking forward to it; we missed out with the long hot showers in Muscoda; Toby a thinking man, grabs a couple boxes of ice cream drumsticks at the Pig and makes another jester of kindness a picks up a bottle of Butterscotch snaps to toast Verlen and the Kruger canoe legacy.  We are golden.

We find another great campsite, plenty of wood and space to spread out; 5 days in, things are looking good!

to be continued...

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