Friday, October 11, 2013

Kruger Canoes Fall Classic 2013 - Wisconsin River Day 6

Recon one, the butterfly has landed - photo Mike Smith

Scene 6 / Act 1 - Bridgeport Blues

Well we pushed onward in menacing skies; weather man stated 60% chance of rain; I say 100% as I scurry to shore to fit the spray skirt on; it not only rains, it pours; like a soggy saltine I work my way down stream; I feel drained and tattered, I feel like mush, I'm getting sick.

I reflected back on the many adventures I have experienced in my Kruger's; it's always something, whether a hernia, diarrhea, flu or some body part ready to fall off, it's always something. Not whining, just saying, we push on.

We make great time and do the search for the perfect camp site; it's barely noon, our goal is to find a place that will shelter us from the elements, but also give the group access to the Mississippi River. Two miles out from the vehicles, we have two days here at this camp site, we found paradise, we're home.

Black OPS -Shadow Company - Our advance team "recon one" pushes on to the Mississippi; do to security reasons I can't divulge who  his / her exact mission, but we have a standing order DNW  (do not wait); communication is key in any operation, lets hope cell signal stays strong in this section of the river - extraction is 0930 Saturday.

Camp is set, discussions are wide and varied, but we keep coming back to the BBC (Bob's Boot Camp) in the Florida and the Everglades Challenge to follow; serious talk, safety, training, logistics; it's a good day despite being on a downward spiral health wise I partake -  tomorrow I envision multiple naps and a bounty of food and drink... I sleep.

"Recon one, recon one, the butterfly has landed  do you copy? Over.

to be continued...

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