Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kruger Canoes Fall Classic 2013 - Wisconsin River Day 4

The apprenticeship continues - "we have fire" photo by Michael

Scene 4 / Act 1 - Bye Bye Short Pants

The clan is totally in sync; like a well oiled machine; bottles of butterscotch snaps, 5 liter bags of wine and kegs of beer will accomplish that.  Don't get me wrong we never started drinking before 7, 7am that is; this was a social event, we were pacing ourselves; hydration was key; well that's what I said at the inquiry, I digress.

We paddled south southwest as paddling the other way, would be wrong; by mid-day we got to Muscoda, time to say farewell to Markus (short pants) who had to return to the "castle" Kruger Canoes World Headquarters; however, not all is lost, our stop allowed for replenishing of supplies, dry goods black powder and buckshot ( we've only been out a few days, like eager boy scouts we wanted to be prepared); this is a nice place to stretch your legs , pop a cork and regroup; pay showers are at the landing and everyone took advantage of hot water and steamy showers. Best 8 quarters ever spent.

We left the landing leisurely, the group spread out for miles; we found a nice spot to make camp and I watched the masters build the evening's fire; it's a glorious site to behold.

to be continued...

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