Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Krugerhead 340 - Day One

(L-R) Mike Bradford, Mike Smith, Toby Nipper, Janet Bradford, Everett Crozier & Dick Ulbrich

…and they’re off. Team Kruger paddlers launched out of Kansas City, Kansas this morning @ 8:00 a.m. Central Time. Mike Smith reports, “there is a ton of debris in the water” (due to high water levels). Because of this danger, Mike adds, they are “playing it by ear” as far as paddling at night. Emily Algera reports, “lots of rain last night but at least it’s not quite as hot as yesterday.” Emily adds, OC-6 has some competition - team Dorothy Jean, a 6 person canoe with a combined age probably 1/3 that of Nightspiritsix. We’re still waiting for the recipe from Emily for a Spiz-a-Rita. Our men in the field Bob Bradford and Grandson Justin are waiting at the Lexington boat ramp for team Nightspiritsixs’ first feed. Bob reports that he talked to a farmer @ Lexington and was told the river came up 12 feet overnight. Bob’s guessing the river current is around 4.5 - 5.0 mph. We will be updating the Team Kruger Canoes Facebook page with pictures as they come in.

UPDATE: CP-1 ~ Lexington
Bob Bradford @ CP1 - Lexington
Debris the paddlers have to contend with

Looks like Mark & Jack slipped past Nightspiritsix while they were feeding @ Checkpoint 1. Here's the times we have so far:
Nightspiritsix - 13:30 
Mark & Jack - 13:32
Joe Wildlife - 13:53
Mark & Lauren - 13:56
Sandy - 14:02?
Ben - 14:02?

Nightspiritsix approaching Lexington (CP-1)

UPDATE: CP-2 ~ Waverly
Nightspiritsix approaching Waverly (CP-2)

Sandy Krueger "Peacepaddler" (CP-2)

Again, Mark & Jack (16:00 CDT) pass Nightspiritsix (15:55 CDT) as they're feeding at Checkpoint 2.
We have team GoFRowe passing Waverly @ 16:40 CDT. Brian Weber checked in passing Waverly @ 18:04 CDT.

Lauren's turn to nap somewhere between CP-2 & CP-3
UPDATE: CP-3 ~ Miami

GPS on board Nightspiritsix
Blue & Magneta - Jack & Mark
We have late word from Bob & Justin that Nightspirtsix is the first boat in to Checkpoint 3 @ 19:17 CDT. With an overall average speed of 9.3 mph! Again, Mark & Jack right behind them @ 19:31 CDT. and again passing them as they're stopped feeding. Bob reports that it's a go right now for paddling through the night.

~Guest bloggers Pat, Stacy & Michael


Robin Kalthoff said...

Amazing show today on the river, watching Team Kruger go by. Wonderful boats, wonderful paddlers.

Mrs. Werderich said...

It was great paddling on the river with all of the Krugerheads yesterday Good luck to everyone. I hope we can do it again soon. -Los Humungos Paddleos