Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Krugerhead 340 - Day Two "we got trees!"

"we got trees"
Team Kruger is riding a strong pulse.  The end of day 1 finds our intrepid travelers passing by Columbia, Missouri.  Weather for the day is warm and mild with light winds from the East in the afternoon. It appears Nightspiritsix has been paddling neck & neck with Mark & Jack throughout the night. Mike Smith reports (8:15 CDT) after a 24 hour paddle covering 208 miles and averaging 8.8 mph, the OC-6 is stopping for a two hour break around Marion. Mike adds they could not use the platform Everett made for taking turns sleeping because they need to pull up on a sand bar to rig it up & alas there are no sand bars to be had because of the high water. As of 8:30 CDT it appears team GoFRowe is around Huntsdale having survived the night with Ben approaching Boonville. Peacepaddler is just around the corner from Glasgow. “O” Dark 30’s spot link is not working, and a call to him proves fruitless. Wildlife Joe has just passed Boonville.
Mark & Jack
Posting these updates reminds us of our good friend Mr. Jim Woodruff - The Topologist - and a true friend of Verlen Krugers and all of these folks on the river.  "Jim Does Maps" - the topographic kind and specializes in the ones that show the natural watershed features, before drain commissioners were invented.  Jim has worked these update boards and has a saying...  "This is just like herding cats" - "Keeping track of all these folks is more than a challenge"...

~Guest bloggers Pat, Stacy & Michael

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Krugerhead 340 Photo Album

Sunset on Day 1 of the Krugerhead 340 (Photo credit: Capt'n of the "O" Dark Thirty)
OC-6 arriving CP-6 Jefferson City
Mark & Jack ~ Coopers Landing 6:52 CDT (CP-6) Jefferson City  10:00 CDT
Nightspiritsix ~ (CP-6) Jefferson City 13:00 CDT
GoFRowe ~ (CP-4) Glasgow 1:33 CDT (CP-6) Jefferson City 13:11 CDT
Received a message from "O" Dark 30 that he was a couple miles past Lisbon Bottoms @ 10:43 CDT
Looks like Sandy is just shy of Arrow Rock State Park near County Road 319. No movement in over 3 hours, guessing she's resting.
Macatawa & Wildlife Joe taking a dip
@ Coopers Landing
Ben Algera Coopers Landing
Ben Algera and Wildlife Joe stopped at Coopers Landing for a swim. As of 14:45ish, according to Emily, they are back on the water. Ben's Spot tracker shows them not too far from CP-6 Jefferson City.

Mark (GoFRowe) 7:28 CDT "survived the night!"

OC-6 breaking near Chamois 15:15 CDT


A message from Mike Smith tells us that Nightspiritsix is stopping for there second break at Chamois. "Sleep deprivation setting in."

Mark & Jack CP-7 Hermann 15:36 CDT


Mrs. Werderich said...

Los Humungos Paddleos is at a winery in Rochport that overlooks the river. Sandy just passed by and is now under the I70 bridge before Krfish Katie's. we whistled and she waved. We felt honored

Mrs. Werderich said...

Go Sandy go!