Thursday, July 10, 2014

Krugerhead 340 - The Finish ~ St. Charles

Mark & Jack @ the finish

Mark & Jack being the first team to paddle to the finish arrived at Riverside Park in St. Charles at 12:15 CDT this morning. With a total time of 40 hours 14 minutes and no stopped time. Overall/Moving average of 8.4 mph! They certainly kept it moving!


Nightspiritsix paddled into St. Charles early this morning @ 3:29 CDT. 43 hours 33 minutes total time! With a moving average of 8.6 mph and a stopped time of 4 hours 33 minutes. Mike Smith reports there is nothing in his body that doesn't hurt! Everyone was pushed to there limits...

Mark & Lauren "GoFRowe"

Mark & Lauren "GoFRowe" arrived in St. Charles @ 4:02 CDT. 33 minutes behind Nightspiritsix. With a moving time of 43 hours 22 minutes, stopped time of 47 minutes. 7.7 mph moving average and a 7.5 mph overall average. They took the place of Mark & Jack playing back & forth with Nightspiritsix during the final stretch.

Ben Algera

Ben Algera "Macatawa" arriving @ 13:17 CDT.

Capt'N "O" Dark 30 Brian Weber

Capt'N "O" Dark 30 aka Sir Brian Weber paddling in @ 19:05 CDT. 

A special shout out to Sir Pat Harrington for (as usual) all his behind the scenes work!

PADDLES UP to all in our paddling community!


~Guest bloggers Pat, Stacy & Michael


THOR!! said...

WoWzers! Congrats to all you Krugerheads....I am truly inspired! Cheers...

Pixels Away said...

Marek Uliasz aka Wayfarer arrived in Sea Wind #127 after 50:57 hours of paddling (10:57 local time), portaged all stuff to Country Inn, next day took Amtrak to Kansas City and returned to St Charles in his car. Still driving to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Picture on facebook: