Monday, July 7, 2014

Krugerhead 340

News from the storm front:

The logistics of The MR340 are intricate and while the MR 340 for 2014 has been rescheduled to August 10-12, (due to high water levels), Team Kruger is pushing forward with plans on still launching tomorrow (07/08) @ 8:00 a.m.

Toby "Whitecaps" testing resting quarters.
Jerry Davis, Bob & Mike Bradford
River gauges and Weather forecasts are located here.

Jerry Davis & Everett Crozier
Keep an eye on the spot tracker list in the right margin of this page & we’ll look forward to sending more updates as they come in.

Nightspiritsix crew has been busy readying the OC-6, complete with resting quarters. Mike Smith is continuing his leisure aspect to his recreation - this is tied to his recent 5 day trip to a one day Nascar race in Michigan, having gone into this trip with a 3 day lead time and clean sheets with hot showers in a hotel, we are beginning to think he might be getting soft. 

The keyboard crew back here in Michigan looks forward to sending updates as they arrive  we plan to update this page, so check back periodically.  We’ll put a note on Facebook when there’s been an update for you.

We havent received much news on how the shuttling of all these folks and boats got handled.  But of what we do know, it appears Mark P and Jack The Hammer launched from Ithaca 7 hours earlier than planned - either there's a plan to get extra sleep, or they just plain couldn't sleep and had to hit the road. They did smuggle a muzzle, (foster dog transport bound for Idaho), for Flipper & Sweep. 

~Guest bloggers Pat, Stacy & Michael

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