Monday, May 18, 2009

Bradfords pulled in @ the Lumberjack @ 6:49 am

The Bradfords were the first to arrive back at the Lumberjack Park at 6:49 am this morning. Bob says it sure pays to have a young buck in the canoe! He's awesome! (about son Mike). Bob said he promised Mike 4 hours of sleep a night, but they made due with only 2 hours each night. Last night they camped in a skunk cabbage patch- which wasn't real pleasant! Bob said the trick was to not pack enough warm clothes and warm sleeping bag - so they got cold and had to get paddling to warm up. They got up at 12:30 am, at the end of the portage to get back on the Pine. They said it was foggy so it was slow going until dawn started breaking. Great going guys!!

Mark P. got back on the Pine at 5:20 pm and is expected back at the Lumberjack Park sometime between 10:30 pm and midnight tonight.

Mike Anderson took a trip to the hospital to get his eye checked out, it got poked by a stick. He has a patch on it and the doctor recommends he not continue, but we'll see if it really does stop him. Mike Smith picked up Todd at 6:35 pm and gave him a ride to Lumberjack Park. They'll decide later if they'll continue.

John F. pulled out of the race today because of an arm injury.

We also wanted to add that the race officials decided to allow a 3 mile portage in Mt. Pleasant because of the high water, the current is very strong through there. Mark P. paddled through there and said it was a killer!

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