Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bushwhacker Update

Cruise Paddlers:
The only women team paddling the Bushwhacker Cruise arrived in Alma at 1:50 PM. You go girls!!!

The Bushwhacker Challenge has claimed it's second paddler. George dropped out several miles up the Chippewa River, his back giving him problems.

1:00 pm, Bradfords were west of Mount Pleasant @ Island Park and approuching Check Point #3. They had earlier stopped and got a 2 hour nap.

2:45 pm, Todd & Mike called to report that they were almost to Meridian Rd. They said the current is Very Strong, and that they're hanging in there! They are paddling about an hour and taking a 5 minute break.

We haven't heard from Mark yet today, but his goal was to make it to Check Point #3 and camp tonight.

The Bradfords made Check Point #3 at 6:50 pm. WOW are the making good time! Their goal is to beat last years time and they're well on the way to doing that!

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whaterwalker said...

The Bradfords got up to Gilmore Road about 6:50 PM Sunday. Bob signed in while Mike cut a stick to push through the front handle. They walked briskly through the portage in a little under 2 hours. It was a warming sight -- father and son, joined by a goal and a stick -- chatting along. A strange sight for the dogs, cows, and locals, some of whom might have thought they were cleaning trash off the road. Reaching the Pine about 9, they put their mats in the skunk cabbage for a few hours of rest. Only 6 hours to go to Lumberjack Campground!