Monday, May 25, 2009

Bushwhacker Wrap-up

The Awards Ceremony was started by a hot dog & brat cookout and finished by some of the paddlers recanting some of their 'war stories'....some were amusing and some were inspiring. It was a fun evening...until the mosquitoes ran us out, and was highlighted by the fact that the 2009 Bushwhacker made for the Verlen Kruger Memorial Fund was an awesome $2,541 after expenses!! A very special thank you to Todd Cesar for planning and making this event possible, and everyone involved that helped raise donations for the monument.

We also want to thank the folks at the Lumberjack Park for hosting the race and for their hospitality! Their facilities are awesome, and the meals they put on were great! We hope to be back next year!

We also want to thank the Chippewa Nature Center (at the junction of the Pine & Chippewa Rivers)in Midland, for allowing us to put a check point in their park...and allowing us to camp there for the night! You can check out their web site...they have a lot going on there!

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RiverJman said...

Yes, it was a great time! I wish I could have made it back for the awards ceremony, but not able to. Thank you to all who helped out and organized this event and to the staff at the Lumberjack Park. Looking forward to next year and maybe bringing a couple new paddlers!
Nice pictures also!

Congratulations to Bradfords, Mark, and to everyone else who paddled!

Jason Kruger