Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trickle Down

Dan Smith finished the Bushwhacker with a big smile at 1:33 pm on 5/20. he said "It was a hard challenge up the Chip, but very satisfied"

Todd and Jake Cesar pulled in at 2:06 pm, and Jake commented "I would rather paddle up the Chip than climb Heart Attack Hill!"

Brian Keel sends a big shout out to Uncle Dan!! "Anything is possible!!" Finishes the Bushwacker in style on 5/20 -7:50pm
We have the trickle down river effect as more complete the Bushwacker; Jack Murgittroid cranks it up for a 5/20 -8:00pm finish. Gives a tip of the hat and a dip of the paddle to Roxanne Smith for the use of her Sea Wind during the event. Barely off the water, "Looking forward to next year!!"

Don't forget to come to the awards ceremony tonight at 6 pm at Lumberjack Park in Riverdale!

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