Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ultimate Hugh Heward Update #30

Mark reports 9:41am

That he swears he can see the Sears Tower, I on the other hand believe he has drunk too much river water and grain alcohol.

Toby gives Larry a ribbing as Larry has no gear with him, froze his ars off last night with no sleep pad. Has one day dry bag with I think a hanky in it. Course Larry coach did travel the Pacific Coast Trail by bike with 12lbs a gear. Man he goes ultra light.

Toby and Larry are heads down and paddling hard out front in a 2' -4' chop. Mark and Dan are like. "What the..."

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skykryme said...

Enjoy your last night or two everybody. Looks like decent weather today and tonight, and great weather tomorrow. I realize I didn't do anything much more difficult than move a mouse, but its still hard to believe its almost over...cheers to all