Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ultimate Hugh Heward Update #31

The SEARS Tower - Not!

Mark reports -dazed and confused

A message yesterday from Mark left the followers of the UHH believing in mermaids and sea serpents and the Easter Bunny. Our hopes are dashed as it is not the Sears tower Mark sees, but a nuclear power plant in all it's glory. Mark, drink more water....

Mark asks, " You're not writing this down are you" - The Capt'n replies, " No no it's of no significant interest to anyone out there that you're dazed and confused"

The Magic of SPOT- It would appear that Jon, under favorable skies and blue water paddled across straight to Chicago from Michigan City which shortened the the distance significantly. A bold move on Lake Michigan in May. We wait in anticipation for an account of his adventure.

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