Saturday, May 16, 2009

Check Point #1

(Cruiser check-in @ Alma)
Jason K.- 3:04pm
Scott S.- 3:58pm

(150 check-in @ St. Louis dam)
Bradfords- 2:44pm-comments: We lost our Spot someplace
Mark P.-4:36pm-comments- Awesome weather, next stop Nature Center
John F.-4:42pm-comments- Sick of seeing Marks' ass
Bruce- 4:43pm-comments- I like tail winds
Todd & Bone- 4:54pm-comments- Paddle on
George- 5:30pm- I'd like to see it (in reference to Johns' comment)
Dan- 5:33pm- paddle, paddle, paddle
Jack- 6:30pm- Great time
Brian- 6:44pm-Great day

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