Monday, October 4, 2010

8:40 am : Mark and Mike getting a late start...staying warm at the fire on this frosty morning
11:30 am : Gary finished the Kruger 100 at 11 am, he said Dan and the guys didn't catch up with him
3:15 pm : Mark & Mike have arrived in Manistee and are stopping for a bite to eat, going to the grocery store, then on to the big Lake to take advantage on a good west wind. They plan to continue southward as long as the wind holds.
8:00 pm : Bob Bradford called and said he & Janet, Mike Bradford, Ray Quick and George Stockman all finished the Kruger 100 at 1:52 am together.

posted by Kathy


Michael Doty said...

10/04/10 5:45p.m. Mike Smith reports Mark & himself just got on the Big Pond. Paddled 29 miles in 8 hours. Water calm, smooth as glass. Plan is to head south and try to grab some wind. Paddle until late tonight before making camp.
Some numbers to report:
Total Moving Time Shore To Shore - 77 hours 26 min.
Total Mileage Shore To Shore - 284 miles.
Mike says to everybody "Hey! & were on the way!"

Gary said...

Back home now. Capsize at 2.8 miles, paddled with Carl & Jason for about 5 miles, the rest was alone. Thanks Carl for the Jetboil fuel & matches. Thanks for Jason's updates. Great trip - I wish I could have stayed and went to Manistee with the gang. In fact I wish I could have camped with any of you. Campfires are made for company and I didn't have any.