Friday, October 8, 2010

Cold night

Mark called in and said he failed miserably at paddling through the just got too cold. He was back on the water at 7 am just below Ada. He says it's a very foggy morning. Sounds like Jack Murgittroyd will be joining him today in the journey up the Grand.

Dan Smith sent some pictures from Thursday morning meeting up with Mike & Mark in Grand Haven. Steve Willard was with Dan and they picked up a few things from the guys and to see them off on their last leg of their journey. Dan wrote: They'll be finishing their journey at the canoe landing where the Verlen Kruger monument is. He will be looking over them when they come up that river, and I might add would be very proud!!!

Mike checked in at 9:30 am, he just cleared the portages and huddles in Grand Rapids. He said it's a huge relief getting those behind him. He plans to camp in Saranac tonight. He's really enjoying the sunny weather, he said the weather gods has blessed him on this trip!

Kathy L

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