Wednesday, October 6, 2010

AM: Mark & Mike says they're enjoying the easy paddling, they haven't seen the predicted winds they'd hoped for, but are making very good time. They got a good nights sleep last night and are refreshed and plan to make it to Grand Haven this evening. They are hoping to get up into the Grand River before stopping for the night. Mike's phone battery is dead and hasn't been able to update his contacts, said he'll call when he can.
I haven't heard anything from the MC6 group in a couple days, but heard through the grapevine they've dropped out and didn't finish. Mark says they're a bunch of lame losers!
Bob got the time for the other pro team that paddled to Kruger 100: Don Brooks & Nat Winkler finished in 15 hours and 56 minutes.
PM: Damage control...Mark called the guys lame losers in a joking manor, and didn't mean to hurt any ones feelings! Mark has apologized to the guys, and wants everyone to know he's proud of their dedication to get out there and endure trials and tribulations of making a long trek as this one. One thing it did do was initiate a flurry of updates from the group. Dan Smith wrote: We had to cut our trip short because of time. Left the river at the old 131 campgrounds. Todd & Brian had to be back to work and with the pace slower than we had expected and a few other details, time had run out. It however was a very good trip paddling with all the guys and being at Jerry Cesars induction to the paddlers memorial was very nice. Thanks for your interest and support, Dan.
Dan also sent this link for an article in today's Crawford County News: Too bad they forgot to even mention Jack Murgittroyd, the only paddler to finish the whole Shore 2 Shore Challenge!

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Chuck Amboy said...

Dan Sanderson, staff writer of Crawford County Avalanche, called me yesterday to verify names of some of the MC6. He indicated his article on the In Memory of Jerry Cesar trip is scheduled to be published today. Look for it online. We should be able to use the link to the newspaper on Kruger Canoe Adventures site.
Chuck Amboy

Michael Doty said...
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Michael Doty said...

‎10/06/10 7:45p.m. Mike Smith reports the boys have arrived at Harbor Island on the Grand. Pitching tents for the night. 93 miles from Manistee to Grand Haven, via Lake Michigan. Mike & Mark put in 15 hours of paddling today, 14 yesterday. Both exhausted from all the long paddling days. Plan is to leave around 8:00a.m. Thursday morning & push on. Mike says he thinks himself & Mark will paddle in to Portland on Sunday afternoon.
Mike also added that they "hit a perfect window" for the paddle down the Lake. At one point they had some three footers that kept them about 50 yards off shore, but I got the impression that didn't last long.
Total trip mileage thus far, 377 miles.