Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mark finishes at Thompson Field at 4:00 AM

Mark was very worn out at the finish, said he really struggled to lift his Seawind at the last portage at the Portland Dam. The water is quit low and made for some slow goings. He is elated to be done and celebrated with a couple beers. He said the bed in the van was calling his name, wanted to get a nap and was anxious to get home to Michelle. He'll get back with us on the stats of the trip after he's rested a bit.
Mike is rested and paddling much lighter with the surprise visit from his cousin in Lowell last night. His plans are to press on and finish this evening...he's guessing around 11 pm. Way to go!!! The end is in sight!

Kathy L.

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Michael Doty said...

10/09/10 9:45a.m. "Portland Or Bust" for Mike today. He reports having traveled 35 miles upstream in 14 hours yesterday. Nice surprise in Lowell. A guy that had been following Mike on the Spot, found Mike & offered to take him to his house for the night. Shower, shave, dinner & laundry. Something about Hot Tub, 2 cold beers, a thick steak & baked potato. Mike say's if he had wings, he'd be flying! Mike also added he's paddling light today, leaving most non-essential gear behind in Lowell. Mike is "On The March" today, Portland or bust.