Saturday, October 2, 2010

Latest update from Jason says Gary & Carl are at M66, but Carl isn't going to continue. The Bradfords, George, Ray and Mike are almost to US131. According to Andy's spot he's almost to the Sharon Road bridge.
Jack, Dan, Todd, Jake, and Brian said they took it easy today and are camped just below the Sharon Road bridge. I know weather conditions have been far from pleasant....windy, rainy and cold, my hat off to those braving the elements!
I see that Mark is just above Tippy Dam, but I haven't heard from him today.
Mike S. just tried calling and all I got from him was low battery. Not sure what's up, he' had what appears to be a rough day and didn't cover very much ground this afternoon. Wish I got his message! I hope everyone stays warm & dry tonight!

posted by Kathy

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Michael Doty said...

10/02/10 7:00p.m. After 28 hours straight paddling & 92 miles down river, Mike is eating dinner & making camp for the night. 32 hours if you include the 4 hour portage from the Au Sable to the Manistee. Plan is to be up early again, eating breakfast on the water, forsaking coffee, pushing on to around Tippy Dam to meet up with Mark & then on to Manistee from there. Mike says "he wishes we all were there!" The over night low tomorrow in Manistee is the mid 20's. Mike says he's "glad he packed his Winter gear!"