Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mike & Mark portaged Tippy dam around 6 pm, Mike wants to send a thank you to the new anonymous friend that let him use their car charger to quick charge his phone...every little bit helps! They've camped a bit down stream from the dam...took a ways to paddle through the many salmon fisherman, said they saw many salmon getting caught. I talked to them at 9 pm, they had a fire going (make sure you check out the drop box pictures as there are many new ones added daily), and Mike said there was frost on the tent already and they're expecting it to get down to 20 deg. tonight...brrrrr! They plan on making it to Lake Michigan tomorrow and are looking foreward to the better weather forecasted. It'll be sails up!!
MC6 reported in at 7:40 pm: Dan broke a rudder cable again today. Slowed us up by an hour and a half. Also Todd got caught up in some logs and got flipped out of his boat. So we set up camp early to get him dried out. Jack left early this morning and haven't seen him since. We're camped just a mile down from 131.

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