Thursday, October 7, 2010

Headed back up river again

Don't forget to keep checking the pictures as more are added daily.
Mark & Mike made it to Grand Haven around supper time last night, and they're enjoying the fine weather. They're both feeling strong and expect to be in Portland sometime Sunday afternoon.
Jack Murgittroyd called last night to let me know he'd completed the Shore 2 Shore Challenge the night before at 7:15 pm. Awesome job Jack!!! Jack said he was proud to carry the Cesar tribute across the state to the finish. He's feeling very proud of the I'm sure we all are!! He said the whole experience was amazing, and especially enjoyed the time he paddled with the 'Motley Crew'. He commented that Brian's cooking was a highlight. He loved the comradely of paddling with the group, but when it became clear that they wouldn't be finishing he decided it was time to push on alone..which he is no stranger to. Jack is hoping to find some additional time off work paddle with Mark & Mike coming up the Grand River to the finish in Portland. Next time you see Jack, pat him on the back and compliment him on his accomplishment!


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