Monday, October 8, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge day 0

 Photo Credit: Carl Cole

Peeps started arriving around 3:00pm at the White Birch Campground; a dip of the Tilley for Toby doing some leg work and finding a camp ground that would accommodate us so late in the season.  The camp office and store were closed, the running water was shut off the flush toilets non-existent. There was an artisan well that provided cool crisp drinking water and we were thankful for that.

Handshakes hugs and fist bumps ensued as old friends and new acquaintances greeted each other. People went by all sorts of names and handles; one that comes to mind is "Buffalo Al" a character right out of the salty Kruger Canoe Handbook.  Al showed up with less then nothing, in the dark, no cup no bowl no pants.  We watched him struggle with a pop up self inflating tent (go figure); we now had our evening entertainment.

A grindy ole suburban tattered and worn pulled up, a young woman Elizabeth jumped out barefoot, tattered jeans, pure Michigan country and introduced herself; she offered to go fetch us a couple loads of wood for a campfire;  we were all over that as the evening brought forth cool temps.  Conversations around the shuttle tomorrow brought forth an idea that maybe Elizabeth could shuttle us all back to the campground allowing us to get all the vehicles to the take out at Rogers dam. Things were coming together for the best lead trip with no leader.

Janet had made up a tasty batch of chili that fed everybody and then some; there was even some left over for Texas toast and chili for breakfast.

to be continued...

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