Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge day 3

"Pick me pick me" Toby cries out as we choose sides for the ambush on Mark and Jack; we anticipate their arrival today as we have cleared a silvery liquid highway.  The river is beginning to open up a bit and spirits are high; we might even get to paddle a bit.

Brian last picked for the ambush attempts to plea his case to Bob; "Brian, basically you suck, you are last picked, deal with it", bellowed Bob.

It actually is quite a feat in itself; coming off the Iron Mushroom Challenge, sorting out gear resupplying and catching us on day 3 of our adventure.  Mark and Jack have taken have taken efficiency to the next level and catch up to us just before a well deserved lunch break.

Today's lunch break was the only one of the trip; with days of drag overs, cuts and scootching boats under fallen trees, we ate basically on the go. So we sat back let the warm sun sooth achy backs and ate like royalty; wine cheese sausage fruit, a real social affair.  Tyler and Koa(dogs) frolicked in the river chasing anything that moved, quite a site when Tyler came face to face with a bright green frog.

The rest of the day went without incident, it was really the first time during the trip you could paddle along side someone and have a conversation; it was nice cause everyone has their story, and grand stories they are.

to be continued...

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