Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge day 3.4 - 5, clueless

Finding Nemo is one thing, finding Mike Smith is another, consider him found

I don't know what day it is, everything has become a blur; been on river time since cresting the Mackinaw Bridge; to coin a phrase from Mr. Jim Woodruff, "It's like herding cats watching these Kruger events unfold." 

So Mark and Jack arrive, Al and Charlie depart, Mike Smith is running a strong offense trying to determine where to meet us and Michael Doty goes AWAL and will be severely beaten at our next gathering; it's a mess; no it's perfect, no you have just been Krugerized.

Krugerized is a lot like being punked; Example, Toby offers the clan peanuts, (with a snicker) the sampling is inviting but they are Cajun peanuts hot enough to peel paint.  Retaliation ensues with a soggy banana on his boat seat; let the Krugerized hijinks begin!! Its the little things out on the river, meaningless in real time, but river time, its everything.

So with crystal clear water partly cloudy skies and color bursts in the trees that would rival any Disney fireworks display, we make our way down river, taking it all in.  We are pushing 30 + miles a day now, everyone keenly aware we have some distance to make up after days and days of bushwhacking.

to be continued...

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