Friday, October 12, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge day 5

Bob made a great call on our early pre-dawn departure; nobody embraces the packing up in the dark wet gear, but the pay off being on the water early gave way to a  new perspective of the color on the river; greys turning to brilliant shades of reds oranges and yellows; the color wheel never saw so many hues.

Miles to be made but our pace slowed, it really was a time where we could just move through-out the group, chat a bit.

It worked out perfectly; we arrived mid-afternoon; a steady breeze through the trees and intermittent sun offered great opportunity to dry out;  the woods in which we camped looked like a bit of a yard sale gone bad with everything scattered about, but it was nice to be in camp with more then an hour of daylight left.

to be continued...

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