Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge day 6 and in the end

In this montage, Carl captures the essence of the trip; the stillness with a light fog on the river; the shuttle to and fro; big open spans as the river opens up moving our way south; the camaraderie and team work of would be adventurers.  This was a great trip, with awesome people on and off the river, truly blessed to have participated in this adventure.

Paul random elderly gent down by the river takes the last photo, his dog sneaks in for a photo op.

The Players left to right top row:

Bob - loves ice dancing long walks and musicals; Janet - this girl can sing, out with the hymns, and in with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with her new hit single "Chiilly Chili"; Carl - International jewel thief retired, now fancies chess, board games of risk and 4 o'clock tea; Royd - just finished up a 9 week recovery program for meat abuse had a relapse and is sentenced to 20 more years of paddle camping till he gets it right; Gary - cashed it all in starting his own think tank, cornered the jelly bean market in the 1980's, likes the feel of nylon; Toby - off the water, enjoys ballet tap and line dancing, likes to snuggle; Paula - last scene with a stolen jacket headed for Flint International airport, destination unknown possibly Casablanca ; Mike - enjoys flea markets, fashion shows and a good rub of his venison.

Lower row left to right: 

Bud - the original Marlboro man (known to spice things up a bit behind closed doors), now runs security for Beyonce and 50 cent; Craig - magician, grifter confidence man, can say hello in 26 different languages, but doesn't; Sandy - invented the hula hoop and slinky, the brainchild behind Gumby and Pokey the children's toy; Brian - well he's special, had is own bus while going to grade school, voted most likely to be on a wanted poster in high school, College was a bust, the most mis-understood writer of our time - lives by the motto "write drunk, edit sober".

Not shown:

Jack - likes waxing candles, has one of the largest American Girl doll collections in the U.S.A., co- founder of Boys are special too of Michigan; Mark - a real momma's boy, wears short pants and suspenders, enjoys macro may and knitting; Buffalo Al - still waiting for the Abba reunion tour, wants to open for them with his comedy shtick (ABBA was a Swedish pop/rock/disco group formed in Stockholm in 1972); Chuck - CEO of the Chucky Cheese Pizza Franchise, only person to ride the Matterhorn at Disney 232 consecutive times, lost his cheesy fries every time...

Pups:  Tyler and Koa refused to take my interview.

And in the end, isn't it really the beginning as the completion one adventure is just the start of another; plans are already being made for next year's fall trip; destination the Wisconsin River!!

Thanks everybody for playing along.

The Capt'n

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