Friday, October 12, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge day 4

The arrival of Mike Smith held great promise and good fortune; Mike had made up some of his venison barbeque that was extremely well received on last year's fall trip; we waited in anticipation.  Mike being a celebrity of sorts we had Toby provide security, notice the keen eye and 1000 yard stare Toby has going on. Even Tyler bottom right is wearing a vest in-case things get out of hand.

Unfortunately being star struck we neglected to secure the safety of the barbeque; Jack eyeballing our bounty gets the evil glare from Carl; international incident thwarted by passing of 20lbs of smoked salmon.

Back tracking a bit, we arrived to our campsite just before it started to rain, everyone took to their routines and got camp set quite quickly; the foragers and gathers were busy gathering wood for what would be another epic Smith fire; fires that legends are made, fires that must be experienced.

Everyone now in the sacred circle of trust, life on the river becomes common place; big pushes during the day to make miles are just a prelude to a great gathering in the evening; life is good and we are all thankful.

Our group tends to turn in early reeling to the comforts of synthetic sleeping bags, comfy sleep mats and highly functional tents. Our homes away from home are all too inviting.  Before turning in Jack and Mark share a bit of sad news that they will be pushing off early around 3:30am; they have decided to push to the big pond, Lake Michigan; this of-course prompts Bob to organize a pre-dawn start to get in some miles in hopes of getting off the water around 3 or 4 to enjoy camp life dry out gear and socialize.

to be continued...

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