Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sawtooth Challenge day 2

Photo by: Sandy Krueger

Yesterday was a long day, lots of sawing drag overs and such; it was interesting to me that I woke up with the dawn to hear a "heave ho, heave ho, pull, pull"; holy crap I thought, the clan is leaving with out me pushing the next section of downed trees! I scurried out of my tent only to find that it was Toby, Bud, Al attempting to hoist Gary from his camp chair; you see in every group there is always one rabble-rouser, the one that wants to stay up late and cause a ruckus. Most of the clan had dispersed by 8:00pm; if I recall Gary stayed up well past 8:15!

O.K. so maybe I embellished a bit, but that's the way I remember it. So a quick breakfast and more cutting and sawing, more dragging and head scratching; by the end of the day we had not made much head way, only 7 miles.

 Photo by: Sandy Krueger

The day blurs, but one thing that really stood out was the team work; it takes a lot of team work to move all this gear up down and over.

Stand out moment was when we came to a jam that was multiple log high and in deep water ( makes it hard to navigate around it to cut); I was sure we would be unloading the cruiser and doing a 6 haul carry; but the clan had other plans, I believe it was Gary Bob Toby and Cole, could have been others cause it went so quick. The literally picked up a fully loaded Kruger Cruiser (probably 300lbs) and scootched it over the jam. I'm sorry, but at that point I needed to hand out hero awards, cause that my fellow adventures was amazing.

 to be continued...

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