Friday, October 2, 2009

UKC Update 33

Mark reports 7:51am EST

The big news is Dan has got the flu and has been heaving for the last couple of days. We hadn't said anything as we were not sure what their plan of action was going to be. Mark humped it to Mio a day ago got medication at the pharmacy. Dan is finally keeping food and drink down. They have been monitoring his health closely.

They're using the number system for well being; 1 being top shape -10 being dead. Dan has been at a 5 since Wednesday. Yeah half dead.

Today he is a 4 and the plan is to put in 20 plus miles. Quiting does not seem to be an option at this point, though we have looked at exit strategies if things worsen.

We used the number system with the girls on the MR 340 and the EC. It's a great system to address real health and welfare issues that surface on events like these. Team travel has its challenges. You owe it to the team to be factual.

The Captain Reporting

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