Tuesday, October 6, 2009

UKC Update 56

Mark Reports 12:57pm EST

Brian and Jack are in Mesick and its not for the Annual Mushroom Festival. But they are on a walkabout to the hardware store as Brian tweaked a rudder cable.

So as they hoof it to the store, they can ponder the high winds rain and cooling temperatures that are swooping in.

Ah yes, the adventure continues...

The Captain Reporting

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Eva said...

Its 11:15 pm and they made it through Tippy Dam. Jack and Brian are hunker down in their tents as the winds blow and the rains pour and the tempatures drop. They are going to finish up tomorrow if they can. The fish have been jumping all day and the rudder they jimmy rigged is holding. Jack sends a message to Lars and Louie to stay with cheering them on. Lets see what tomorrow brings Night boys.