Saturday, October 3, 2009

UKC Update 36

Carl Cole our man in the field gets some candid shots of the Tres Amigos at the Mc Masters Bridge. Here is Mark grabbing some shore.
Everyone in good health and good spirits. It's been a haul; Mother Nature continues to serve up the wind the cold the rain. Dan looks to be fairing well after a bout with the flu.

The key is to keep moving to stay warm. Mark stopped to call and cut the phone call short as he began to chill down rather quickly. Too warm for winter paddling clothes too cold for crocs and board shorts. What's a paddler to do.... keep'er moving. Here is a shot of Jack working it up river.

Bob Bradford Reports - early afternoon

Over at the M72 Campground meeting up with Kruger 100 participants. Toby and Dave have arrived. Bob off to get some firewood for the festivities.
The Captain Reporting

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