Thursday, October 8, 2009

UKC Update 62

Inside Kruger World Headquarters - The Hub of Adventure!

It's a wrap! The 2009 production of the Ultimate Kruger Challenge has come to an end!

In grand celebration, Mark Jack and Brian headed over to the Kruger Canoes World Headquarters in the tiny hamlet of Irons Michigan to relive some of the glory. (The cocktails have been removed from the pixture, family friendly) :-)

Jack took off for home, Brian headed back to the river for camping and fishing, Mark is off to his brother's wedding, and the Captain is signing off.

Thanks for following along, it's been quite a journey, from the fast and the furious to newbies just being introduced to adventure / expedition canoeing.

Check back as I hope the challengers will send me their personal account of the adventure for us all to see.

Paddle Paddle - The Captain Reporting

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Brian said...

Well what a ride. This has to be some of the most beautifull country anyone could set eyes on. I saw many deer, a bear near Sharon, and at least a dozen bald eagles along the way. Caught some nice Brown trout for my first nights dinner.

I spent the first 2 days just floating, fishing, and enjoying my solitude on the river waiting for Jack to catch up. It rained at least half of every day we were out but couldnt dampen my spirits.

As I was crossing Tippy Dam pond I remember thinking, I'm cold, soaked, sore, tired, hungry, and still feeling sick. But I have never felt better.

The only thing I missed on my trip was paddling with Uncle Dan.

Thanks to everyone that helped organize this, I look forward to getting on the water again!