Monday, October 5, 2009

UKC Update 44

Hoping to get some information on Jack M. who opted to spend the night at Campground M72 as Mark pushed off on the night paddle; it's hard to say where he is on the river. Jack is paddling with Dan's nephew, Brian (I think).

Mark did catch up to Toby and Dave who were on the Kruger 100 cruise; a two day version of the famed Kruger 100 / 24 hour sprint. They paddled most of the day, picking up Jack Cramer who dropped in to paddle down from the 131 bridge for a day paddle. Mark made comment of how nice it was to see new faces on the river, an unexpected gift after many hours alone paddling through darkness.

No word on finish times from the pro boaters or any stories to share. I did miss a phone call from Bob Bradford last night; My bad. Either he had information or was looking for information as phone coverage yesterday was minimal til Mark set camp for the night.

Mark plans on finishing today, he is going to sleep in, fuel up with a good breakfast and take in and enjoy the last day out on the river. He has one more portage then smooth paddling to the finish.

If anyone has any information on the pro boaters and or Jack and Brian and would like to share, send it my way or post in the comments section of this post.

Eva Reports: Jack M and Brian Keel met up together today and are about 15 miles from Hwy 131. Brian cooking brats at the fire as Jack finishes setting up camp. Spirits are good and look for another great day of paddeling tomorrow.

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