Tuesday, October 6, 2009

UKC Update 54

The confusion continues for the Capt'n -

Here is some clarification for those wondering who the Hazel Brothers are. There appears to be two more cats out there that need herding.

Kelly Hazel reports:

Andy Hazel met Dan in September when he was canoeing near Portland. Dan told him about this trip. Andy talked to Dan about doing just the Manistee with him. Andy and his brother were not able to confirm they could get time off of work until last Monday. They tried to call Dan, but he of course was on the Ausable by then. Unfortunately Dan became ill and Andy and his brother Steve were not able to meet up in Grayling and paddle together. As for the canoe they are paddling- it is one of our Sawyers, but I am not sure which one. We have a Champ and a Charger. Andy is planning to pay for the race. He did not want to give Dan 50 to carry with him on the canoe trip. I hope this helps give some information.


Eva said...

Good luck to the Hazel Brothers. I figure they are about a day ahead of Jack and Brian. It is 6:30 am And Jack just reported in from his sleeping bag. Brian is still snoring and Jack is gonna build a fire to get warm. They paddled till 11:00pm last night still not to Mesick. He reports their plan is to do both dams today.The rain hasn't started yet so they want to get on the river before it does. Be safe my friends.

Eva said...

Good job Mark we might not of been there to welcome you in but our spirit was. Enjoy your weekend with your brother and congrats to you,and to him on his up coming marriage.