Monday, October 5, 2009

UKC Update 50

Mark Reports - 9:00am EST

Oh what a good night sleep will bring.... MORE RAIN!! I didn't have the heart to tell him I was looking at 60+ degrees and sunshine, just across the small pond we call lake Michigan.

Mark reports feeling really good today; He's so glad he got some sleep to enjoy the last day on the river. Looks like he is paddling this last section alone, unless someone drops in to meet him. Getting to know the Michigan Paddling Community any thing is possible.

Mark figure he will complete the journey by 5:00pm EST today.

Keep you eye on that SPOT for up to minute updates on location!!

The Captain Reporting


Eva said...

Got a call from Jack M at 11:30 am Rainy all day yesterday with headwinds. Today is much better. Brian Keel saw a bear yesterday and some deer. They just passed Lucas Road and heading to 131 Want to make Mesick tonight but not sure if they will.They will check in later.

Eva said...

Jack and Brian just made it passed 131 and it is 1:30 Brian is fishing for supper tonight and Jack is re-organizing his equipment. Jack says HI to all that are following the Kruger Challenge. The support has been fantastic. They will update later.