Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ultra-Mitt - back to the big pond we go

 The game is a foot! Our hero of this story is back on the water after encountering all sorts of mis-adventures only told around a raging Smith campfire. (what happens on shore leave stays on shore leave)  Things are looking better as the water makes calm.

 Poised for big adventure, our intrepid warrior of wind and water poses for one last parting shot before departing north along the Michigan shoreline.  Information is sketchy, but I would imagine another big push 20 - 36 hours.

Softened by time, the inland sea of Huron looks peaceful, almost inviting; forget not, this is the Midwest in October and anything can happen, especially on big bodies of water.

Stay salty my friends, and give nod to the weather Gods for a smooth safe journey.

The Capt'n

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