Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ultra - Mitt (disregard for authority)

Disregard previous post of the elusive Charity Island in Lake Huron and the opportunity to count migrant birds; Manitou with complete disregard for his filed sail plan lost control of his compass and headed north; way north above Thunder Bay.  Huge crossings today... epic in all regards.

So in all seriousness I spoke with Manitou late afternoon on Tuesday; he shared that the conditions were favorable and looked good for a long haul steam up the coast; if weather reports stay true the wind will clock around to southeast which will push him though the Mackinaw Straights.

To be honest I am not sure he has stopped as of this posting; my thought is his SPOT gave out after 24 hours and he did not reset it. Though his last location did look like he closing in on some shoreline.

This is a move right out of the Kruger Canoe Handbook.

Stay Salty my friends,

The Capt'n

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