Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ultra - Mitt - Big Rock / Elk Rapids

 They grow'em Big at Big Rock Point
A little history to wet your safety whistle
Manitou in the morning debrief states he is pretty committed to the chain of lakes with the end of this intrepid journey Elk Rapids. Time is a barrier, so sitting around and waiting for the weather to freshen up is not an option.
This is what we know:  560 miles thus far with 88 of them by foot [long hauling gear and craft]; there is margin for error - I am poor at math and Manitou may have left his GPS off for a bit.
Big shout out to Amanda, Mark and Lauren, Linda, Dan and Steve and all the River Angels out there that are making this trip a success, every leg of the trip has shown what Michigan is made of.
Settle in and watch it unfold - also on channel 2 we got the BBC going on with WaterTribe; they're up against Mother nature as well as the winds blow long and hard.
Stay Salty,
The Capt'n

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