Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ultra Mitt the slog

After a day of slogging it out in the straits with conditions building Manitou looks towards the Indian River as a viable option.  This way he can keep moving by waterway vs. another long haul by road and pebbled path; he already has portaged nearly 60 miles during this venture, sat out on the shore and watched it howl.  As you can se by the picture sustained winds over 25 mph. with the flag whipping.

 Lots of shelter as the wave and wind careen over the top of the river; everything improves, including safety as a northwest wind blows in hard.
So it's a hard left rudder, drop the sail rig and stow; a paddle up through Mullet Lake down the Indian River.  The Lakes in the region are big, but the availability to pick a shoreline increases 100%.  Not exactly sure what it is going to look like on the far end of this section; I'm sure it will include more portaging and walking.
Stay Salty, and stay tuned!
The Capt'n

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