Friday, October 9, 2015

Ultra - MItt "Roger" Roger

Rogers City is located on Lake Huron and is home to two salmon fishing tournaments; the world's largest open pit limestone quarry and now the current location of Manitou who is drying out, warming up and getting some shut eye.

The Port of Calcite, is located within the city limits and is one of the largest shipping ports on the Great Lakes. It's heads up paddle sailing as freighters sports fisherman and the occasional dumbass careen the waterways. (stories to be told)

Deals to be made and places to rest to be had; Manitou got this little gem for pennies on the season rates at the marina; no, look farther back in the picture, the shed my man the shed.
So the weather started to build and a brisk breeze was starting to kick up 5' waves, so Manitou pulled into Roger's Marina.  So it's dry out some gear gets some rest and wait it out.
Stay Salty,
The Capt'n

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