Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ultra - Mitt bean power

 No time for lollygagging; Manitou pushes on past the warm of cabins and running water; it's off the grid for the next couple of days.
 When the flag stands tall you know it blown stink out there - 20mph steady on the nose makes for a good day to walk.

Time to ditch the Coppers and head to the trail system; they'll never stop me now!! [enter evil sinister laugh track]
Paved trail makes for easy rolling; tree lined path makes for music in the trees as the wind is howling!
 Could be anywhere, but its Michigan; beautiful picture of windswept beaches and inland surf.

24 miles by foot must be rewarded; this can has had a 350 mile free ride and its time to purge it from the pack!  Dinner is served!  Only 34 miles to the mighty Mac Bridge!  Manitou plans to spot check conditions through the night; if it lays down out there he is going to push -off early

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