Monday, October 12, 2015

Ultra Mitt (the crooked river)

Manitou reports great color on the Crooked River; Maples shown bright in the early light.  Time allotted for this adventure is coming into its last week; questions of what to do where to go from here are plentiful.  Conditions on the big pond have not improved so there is some cyphering going on - when to put in and where?  You're always within 10 miles of some water way in Michigan, but is it navigable and headed in the right direction - questions to be answered soon.

If you're looking for more small boat adventure turn to WaterTribe as the have another windswept event going on - Black Beard Challenge. Knockdowns, broke gear and adventure, what more could you ask for - click here

Stay Salty,

The Capt'n


Lindy D said...

Had the delightful pleasure of meeting Manitou on the Little Traverse Wheelway in Bay Shore this evening. He's awesome and terrific. Have a couple of photos I'd be happy to share.

brian weber said...

Thanks!! Got them up on the blog!!