Friday, October 2, 2015

Ultra-Mitt - bye bye New China

On the road again we say good bye to the sweet digs of New China, new friends of the Tribe and the hospitality of the Regatta Bar.
 Lunch stop at Hungry Howie's proves interesting: Manitou in a state of famine walks into the hair salon by mistake ends up getting a perm and highlights. He's talking Gluten free - with a bacon doo.
 500 feet felt like 500 miles as uneven road, pebbles and traffic were very trying today.  New venue with a surf report pending. the woods will be nice to block the breeze which is still whipping pretty good. 
A walk to the beach shows breaking waves and surf like conditions. Makes the painstaking walk worth it, but non-the-less reaffirms we wait it out till conditions improve.

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