Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ultra-Mitt (the waiting game)

Worse then flight delays out of Chicago O'Hare International Airport, we wait for the weather to freshen up and give us safe passage; in the mean time, Here's a tidbit I found interesting;

Lake Huron, named for the Wyandot Indians, or Hurons, who lived there, is the second largest Great Lake by surface area (23,000 sq miles) and has the longest shoreline (3,827 miles), taking into account its many islands.

The Great Lakes have over 30,000 islands, the largest island of any body of fresh water is Manitoulin in Lake Huron; it's one bad ass island, 1068 sq miles of pristine shoreline begging to be explored. 

The name of the island is the English version, via French, of the old Odawa name "Manidoowaaling", which means "cave of the spirit", named for an underwater cave where a powerful spirit dwells.  (yeah I know it's in Canadian waters) Manitoulin Island contains a number of lakes of its own. In order of size, its three most prominent lakes are Lake Manitou, Lake Kagawong and Lake Mindemoya.  I think it only fitting that ManitouCruuiser put this gem on his list of places to paddle.

"Anything with Manitou in it has to be good" - unknown salty dog

Stay salty my adventurous friends,

Kap aka the Capt'n

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