Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ultra - Mitt - It's the Ernest Hemming "way"

There is a sense of euphoria as you paddle the morning silk; a time when everything is right with the world; a brand new day and anything is possible; especially when you day doesn't include rik-shawing your way across the state; rik-shaw be damned!

 As Manitou was coming into Bellaire, Jason Kruger (Verlen's grandson) was waiting at the boat ramp; he welcomed Manitou and got him set up for the night, which included a visit to their family owned and operated Papa K's Pizzeria.  Nothing tastes so good as a slice of Americana (pizza) and Short's Brewery Ale before a long sleep.  * - you heard it here first; best Gluten free pizza he has ever had!

Ernest Hemingway paddles out

Ernest Hemingway spent a bunch of time up in Northern Michigan when he was a boy, and the passion never left him. It has been said he found his muse in Northern Michigan.  A short 15 minute movie can be found here. click here .  A lot can be discovered from the seat of a canoe, the beauty of Northern Michigan lakes system needs to be on everyone's bucket list. In Mark's words "it's a local treasure"

New digs for Manitou, taking a break from stealth camping; ah a long sleep is in order.
Manitou pulls in for an oil change and lube; adventures like this are hard on the body and you need to pay attention to what the body is telling you - here is a look at the arsenal of essential oils that are making the trip. Personally I go with a little different approach, Oreos and Rum, but to each there own. Seriously one has to consider the possibilities of the effects of Rum these oils.

Stay Salty Lubed

The Capt'n

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Lindy D said...

Aha! When I gave Manitou a quick hug farewell on the LT Wheelway, I noticed how wonderful he smelled. Oil good. Unsure about a mix of rum and Oreos.