Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ultra-Mitt (giving me the thumb)

 Manitou made good time heading into 10 to 15 knot of headwinds; Mostly 1' - 2' waves with the occasional (what the "F") 5' taking you by surprise -34 miles, not too shabby my man. 

The plan is to push off early and make it to the jumping off point to Charity Island and make it across Saginaw Bay. With the wind out of the west the pond should be cooperative and the wind waves manageable.  We'll have to see how it unfolds.

Native Americans named the Charity Islands. They believed these islands were placed there by their Gitchi Manitou to provide safe shelter for all, Indians and French voyageurs alike. However, the islands weren't known as the Charity Islands until after 1845. Maps before 1800 show the islands unnamed. "According to a 1839 map, Big Charity Island was referred to as Shawangunk, while Little Charity Island was known as Ile de Traverse."

All tattered and worn an old sign weathered tells the tale of how harsh conditions can get on the great lakes.
Tell me this little nook isn't inviting after a long day of paddling; a place you want to be if the weather starts to turn sour.

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