Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ultra - MItt - don't quote me but...

Here's a quote I had to share; "No, I'm not a Sea Wind stalker - just a great admirer of the WaterTribe. Met Manitou on the wheelway this evening. What a delight. He's doing well and cheerful.  I have a hunch he's always cheerful." LD

In the business we call 'em River Angels - Linda just dropped off fresh apples and bananas; she's been following the WaterTribe and us for awhile and was totally inspired!  Guess who's getting a boat and getting into paddling!!

 Bike path to Charlevoix - GOLDEN! - in more ways than one; that is one scenic trail and wheel-way worthy!! 
A Beautiful field of Sumac doing it's fiery red autumn dance

So as the wind and weather Gods play havoc with the big pond, Manitou heads to Lake Charlevoix to east Jordan; from there it is a 5 mile hike over to Ellsworth where he can jump into the chain of Lakes that will eventually get him down to Elk Rapids -- we need a nodded to the wind and weather Gods for 10 - 15 out of the East!  Or...

Being 8.7 miles out of Charlevoix, the weather starts to look promising for a launch on Lake Michigan possibly Wednesday.  So it's camp now, get some huge sleep the next couple of days and be ready for a big push on the big pond. Let's hope for some 2' waves and a moderate breeze out of the Northwest.

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